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Principal Investigator

Name Xu Lei, PhD, Professor
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Office Room 221, Faculty of Psychology, Southwest University Address 2nd Tiansheng Road, Beibei, Chongqing, China, 400715
Research Interests Sleep, Memory, Emotion, EEG-fMRI, Brain Connectivity, Brain networks.


Name Jin Yu, PhD, Professor Name Jingjin Shao, PhD, Associate Professor
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Office Room 310, Faculty of Psychology, Southwest University Office Huiwen building , Southwest University
Research Interests Aging, Cognitive neuroscience, Mild cognitive impairment, Alzheimer’s Disease Research Interests Aging, Mental elasticity, Psychological adaptation to chronic diseases
Name Hong Yuan, PhD, Associate Professor Name Zhiliang Long, PhD, Lecturer
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Office Room 516, Faculty of Psychology, Southwest University Office Room 325, Faculty of Psychology, Southwest University
Research Interests Neuromechanism of prospective memory, Alzheimer's disease Research Interests Sleep deprivation, Sleep disorders, Depression


Name Yulin Wang, PhD, Post-doc researcher
Photo Wang Yulin            Details>>  
Research Interests Affective Neuroscience; child sleep and brain development; Control of Memory Intrusion; Insomnia

PhD Students

Name Wang Haien, PhD candidate 2019 Name Tian Yun, PhD candidate 2020
Photo Wang haien            Details>> Photo Tian Yun            Details>>
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Research Interests Circadian Rhythms Research Interests Functional brain network; Sleep deprivation
Name Zhang Haobo, PhD candidate 2021 Name Yang Shiyan, PhD candidate 2021
Photo Zhang Haobo            Details>> Photo Yang Shiyan            Details>>
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Research Interests Insomnia; Microbiota-Gut-Brain Axis Research Interests insomnia; EEG
Name Wang Shuo, PhD candidate 2022 Name Weng Linman, PhD candidate 2022
Photo Wang Shuo            Details>> Photo Weng Linman            Details>>
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Research Interests Sleep variability; Insomnia Research Interests Sleep disorders
Name Zhang Zilu, PhD candidate 2022
Photo Zhang Zilu            Details>>
Research Interests Insomnia; Decision making

Master Students

2021 Master Candidate
Name: Li Jiaqi Name: Ji Yufang
QQ: 764494990 QQ: 3257123615
Email: Email:
Research Interests: sleep and memory; resting-state fMRI; transcranial electrical stimulation Research Interests: Sleep and olfactory
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Name: Qin Huiyi Name: Guo ZhiIYuan
QQ: 1028265086 QQ: 1013148348
Email: Email:
Research Interests: Test-retest reliability of EEG ; Sleep and emotion regulation Research Interests: Sleep, emotion and memory inhibition
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Name: Zhao Panpan Name: Cao Qike
QQ: 425929247 QQ: 1055880118
Email: Email:
Research Interests: Sleep Intervention; Neurofeedback Research Interests: Cognitive behavioral therapy-Insomnia
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2022 Master Candidate
Name: Bai Duo Name: Yang Jingqi
QQ: 1455827519 QQ: 1131187335
Email: Email:
Research Interests: Sleep Deprivation; Emotion Research Interests: EEG microstate; Sleep
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Name: Li Jiatao Name: Fan Yuhan
QQ: 978471099 QQ: 1239910647
Email: Email:
Research Interests: sleep disorders Research Interests: sleep disorders and emotion
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Name: Wei Yuxian Name: Jin Qiao
QQ: 1904322651 QQ: 2405637420
Email: Email:
Research Interests: sleep and emotion;insomnia Research Interests: Sleep disorders; Insomnia
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Undergraduate Students

Name Wang Yujue Name Xiang Chuqin
QQ 2499928868 QQ 2695283598
Email Email
Grade 2021 Grade 2021
Research Interests emotion Research Interests dream



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