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Room 510, School of Psychology, Southwest University
No.2 Tiansheng Road, BeiBei District, Chongqing, 400715, P. R. China
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西南大学心理学部 睡眠神经影像中心
重庆北碚天生路2号 西南大学心理学院510-511室

Sleep Research Toolboxs

Sleep Toolbox - National Sleep Research Resource supported, most related to European Data Format (EDF) Signal
FAST - fMRI artefact rejection (both gradient and pulse artefacts during simultaneous EEG-fMRI) and sleep scoring toolbox (display, browsing, chunking, appending, etc.)
PRANA - a free software allowing reviewing, scoring, marking and annotation of digital recordings stored as EDF
PSGLab - a toolbox for processing of polysomnographic (PSG) data, implements signal preprocessing, feature extraction, classification, cluster analysis and data visualization methods
Sleep Wave Analysis - an toolbox to score and analyse various waveforms in sleep EEG data. Slow waves, spindles, and saw-tooth waves are able to be automatically detected

Sleep Research Datasets

Polysomnography – raw signals comprised of EEGs, ECGs, oxygen, and position channels
Actigraphy - minute-by-minute activity data collected on wearable watches and similar devices
Sleep-EDF Database - a collection of 61 polysomnograms (PSGs) with accompanying hypnograms (expert annotations of sleep stages) from 42 subjects in two studies

Neuroimaging Methods

fMRI Methods Wiki - A guide to best practices with fMRI (there is also an associated journal article)
EEG-fMRI Wiki - a multimodal neuroimaging technique whereby EEG and fMRI data are recorded synchronously

Neuroimaging Research Toolboxs

MATLAB - A commercial software environment for statistical computing and graphics
SPM - Analysis of EEG, fMRI and PET (free)
MRIcron - A simple tool for visualizing structural and functional MRI data
EEGLAB - An open source environment for electrophysiological signal processing
Neurosynth - A platform for large-scale, automated synthesis of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) data
FieldTrip - Analysis of EEG and MEG in MATLAB

Network Analysis Toolboxs

GIFT – A MATLAB toolbox which implements independent component analysis of group fMRI data
Brain Connectivity Toolbox - This MATLAB toolbox implements graph theory metrics for use in neuroscience
Causal Connectivity Toolbox - This toolbox implements 'causal connectivity analysis', based on Granger causality


领域1    大类:心理学-->小类:神经心理学和生理心理学
领域2    大类:神经科学-->小类:行为神经科学

Sleep Medicine Reviews - provides International coverage of sleep disorders, their aetiology, diagnosis, treatment and implications for related conditions at an individual and public health level. Articles review the clinical information published in peer-reviewed journals devoted to the many disciplines involved in sleep medicine, including: pulmonology, psychiatry, psychology, physiology, otolaryngology, paediatrics, geriatrics, cardiology, dentistry, nursing, neurology and general medicine. The journal publishes narrative reviews, systematic reviews and editorials covering area of controversy and debate, as well as areas of future research.
Journal of Neuroscience – is the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience. The Journal publishes papers on a broad range of topics of general interest to those working on the nervous system. All papers accepted for publication in the Journal will appear simultaneously in the print journal and online.
Cerebral Cortex – publishes papers on the development, evolution, organization, plasticity, and function of the cerebral cortex, including the hippocampus. The journal is multidisciplinary and covers a large variety of modern neurobiological and neuropsychological techniques.
Human Brain Mapping - publishes peer-reviewed basic, clinical, technical, and theoretical research in the interdisciplinary and rapidly expanding field of human brain mapping. The journal features research derived from non-invasive brain imaging modalities used to explore the spatial and temporal organization of the neural systems supporting human behavior. NeuroImage - a Journal of Brain Function provides a vehicle for communicating important advances in acquiring, analyzing, and modelling neuroimaging data and in applying these techniques to the study of structure-function and brain-behavior relationships. The main criterion judged is to what extent the scientific contribution advances our understanding of brain function, organization, and structure.
SLEEP – a monthly peer-reviewed scientific and medical journal featuring a wide spectrum of sleep-related research. The primary audiences are clinicians and research professionals specializing in sleep-related disorders. SLEEP publishes original findings and analysis related to sleep disorders, medical dysfunctions during sleep, clinical investigations, therapeutic trials, physiologic events, anatomic structures and molecular components underlying normal and abnormal sleep, psychological and psychophysiologic research, and the pharmacology of sleep.
Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience – SCAN will consider research that uses neuroimaging (fMRI, MRI, PET, EEG, MEG), neuropsychological patient studies,pharmacological perturbation, and transcranial magnetic stimulation. SCAN will also consider submissions that examine the mediational role of neural processes in linking social phenomena to physiological, neuroendocrine, immunological, developmental, and genetic processes. Additionally, SCAN will publish papers that address issues of mental and physical health as they relate to social and affective processes (e.g., autism, anxiety disorders, depression, stress, effects of child rearing) as long as cognitive neuroscience methods are used.
Sleep Medicine - primarily focusing on the human aspects of sleep, integrating the various disciplines that are involved in sleep medicine: neurology, clinical neurophysiology, internal medicine (particularly pulmonology and cardiology), psychology, psychiatry, sleep technology, pediatrics, neurosurgery, otorhinolaryngology, and dentistry. Journal of Sleep Research - publishes original research papers and invited reviews in all areas of sleep research (including biological rhythms). To promote the exchange of ideas between basic and clinical sleep researchers, it will publish papers which use multidisciplinary and novel approaches to answer important questions about sleep, as well as its disorders and the treatment thereof.
心理学报 - 月刊,中国心理学会和中国科学院心理研究所主办,科学出版社出版,主要发表我国心理学家最新、最高水平的心理学科技论文。作为反映我国心理学研究水平的主要窗口,该刊不仅在中国心理学界享有较高的声誉,在国际上也有一定影响。该刊的读者对象为从事心理学、工程、生物学、医学、教育学及哲学的科技工作者、大专院校师生及其他有关人员。 心理科学进展 - 月刊,中国科学院心理研究所主办,科学出版社出版。办刊宗旨是反映心理学各领域的最新研究进展。主要刊登能够反映国内外心理学各领域研究的新进展、新动向、新成果的文献综述和评论以及研究简报。栏目有“主编特邀”、“研究构想”、“研究前沿”、“元分析”、“研究方法”、“研究简报”、“博士论坛”等。

Society and Conference

Sleep Research Society – an organization for scientific investigators who educate and research sleep and circadian science
OHBM - an international society dedicated to using neuroimaging to discover the organization of the human brain

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